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Founders Place

We are a community of eighty-one townhomes and seventeen single-family homes located on LaGrange Rd. (Rt. 45) just south of Nebraska Street in Frankfort. We are walking distance from The Old Plank Trail and Historic Downtown Frankfort with its restaurants, Frankfort Country Market, Frankfort Fall Fest and many activities on Breidert Green.

Board Meetings

HOA Board Meeting Schedule

Founders Place HOA Board Annual Meeting
March 27, 2024, 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM

432 W Nebraska Street
Frankfort, IL 60423

Request to speak at Board Meeting

If a resident wishes to address the Board, he/she must submit a request, to be added to the Board meeting agenda no less than 5 days before the meeting date and identify the subject he/she wants to discuss with the Board

December 2023 Homeowners Survey Results
Click HERE to view the results of the Founders Place Home Owner Association Survey

Winter Snow Plowing Information
A review of the rules for snow plowing in Founders Place: anytime there is 1” or more of snow, the driveways will be plowed, and the sidewalks shoveled. This plowing must be done before the snow reaches 4” in depth even if this requires an additional removal during a prolonged snowstorm. Any driveway with a car in it when the plows come around, will not be plowed. The Village of Frankfort plows the streets and the HOA’s contractor will plow the alleys and visitor parking areas. If there are vehicles parked in the alleys or visitor’s spaces, then they will not be plowed. It will be up to the vehicle owner to dig themselves out, once the plows go by. If someone requests that the plows return and clear their driveway or parking spot later in the day after they move their vehicles, then they will be charged whatever the rate is determined by the plowing company. This will be contingent on the plowing company’s schedule if they can get back to clear an area. Visitor parking areas are supposed to be used for guests when they are visiting and are not intended for regular use by residents. It would be greatly appreciated if everyone could park their cars in the garage on snowy nights.

Founders Place Gate Repair
Please be advised, we recently had a company come out and inspect all the metal garden gates within the subdivision to ensure they were all in good working order. A number of gates do require some further maintenance. Therefore, this work will be carried out sometime over the next few weeks. No further action is required on your part.

Update: The gate repair is proceeding around the neighborhood fixing gates, but we will not be able to get them all done before cold weather sets in. The contractor will finish them in the spring.

Resident Attendance At B.O.D. Meetings
The Board encourages all homeowners to attend Founders Place Board of Directors meetings. If a resident wishes to address the Board, however, he/she must submit a request, in writing, to be added to the Board meeting agenda no less than 5 days before the meeting date and identify the subject he/she wants to discuss with the Board. This should allow the Board time to take the homeowner’s request topic under consideration for possible discussion at the meeting. Should the resident fail to request to be on the agenda or fail to identify the subject he/she wants to discuss, they will not be allowed to address the Board. Please send requests to speak at the Board meetings to: rose@schrankmgmt.com

Parking Rules And More
Every resident should have received this letter by mail – you can also review it HERE
​Please review the summary of the rules and try to be courteous to the other residents. We all know the parking is limited.

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